I’ve learned so much about myself by being coached by Sharon, I’ve reached several goals that I would not have been able to achieve alone. I was struggling with overwhelm in my life and felt I needed to find direction and Sharon’s caring, fun yet practical approach to coaching helped me clarify several areas of my life.

She gets to the heart of the matter and is able to help paint a perfect picture of what you would like your outcome to be.

Sharon intuitively helped me to identify issues that were keeping me stuck in overwhelm and together we worked through them to a realistic solution.

She not only helped me set up an action plan around my desired goals and she was supportive and encouraging whilst keeping me accountable.

I love Sharon’s joyful and compassionate approach to life and life coaching.

Meg Ringrose

I have known Sharon Brown for 7 months. We entered a coaching relationship for at least 2 months. During that time Sharon was a competent coach, displaying a fun, willing, creative attitude that worked to get me to higher levels of progress towards my goals. She was flexible and willing to work with me in arranging times that worked to do the coaching.

Sharon’s process helped me focus and make progress with encouragement and excitement. She had me think about things I would not have come up with on my own. Her personality is so refreshing, I looked forward to our sessions together. She helped me get to a more refined vision for my goals. This I am grateful to her for. I recommend her highly to anyone who is seeking real help through a coach.
Sincerely, Gene Leedham

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