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About MovingBeyondCoaching

I have a fire in my belly to light up your life, to encourage and give you hope!

Eavesdrop on Ken Wilber

During this event you will learn:
  • How to uncover and activate your hidden potentials– making you more productive, abundant, and whole
  • A comprehensive map for your life that will positively impact every relationship you have
  • The one critical action necessary to reduce fear, and the freedom that comes with this
  • A new definition of ‘success’, and how you can tap into your limitless potential 
I also want to take a moment to introduce myself.  My name is Todd Jason, and I will be facilitating the event with Ken.  

For the last several months two close partners and I have been working with Ken helping to distill his powerful teachings into a clear transmission of how it can illuminate and activate your limitless potentials!  

While I feel honored to be hosting this event, it is truly about something much larger for me.  

You see, over the past several years I have thought long and hard about this great ‘shift’ we seem to be experiencing on our planet.  I am guessing you also sense something big is happening, and have probably contemplated a bit about what’s really going on.  

What Ken has revealed to my partners and I over these past several months, and what he will share during the global event, is that illuminating your highest potentials and becoming the greatest version of yourself is a very real possibility.

But even more than this, he explains how research now shows that engaging in your unique process of self-actualization plays a direct role in how the world changes!  

And without a doubt, the most powerful way to unlock these new potentials, your ‘superhuman’ potentials (as Ken will discuss on the call), is to do it together.

Coming together in community is not only important for social reasons, but accelerates how quickly you become the greatest possible version of YOU!

So for this reason I ask you to forward this email to 5-10 of your friends, and encourage them to engage in this groundbreaking training with you. 

There is little doubt that discussing new perspectives with family, friends, and colleagues forms a shared language and a safe container to grow with one another.

So please, take a moment and send news of this seminar with as many of your growth-oriented friends you can think of

They can register here.

To the greatest potential within us all,
Todd and the guys at Sacred Media
P.S. Please consider who you’d love to grow and change the world with, then click ‘forward email’ and type in 5 to10 (or more) of their email addresses and send away.  They can register here.

Magic Money

“Gratitude is riches. Complaint is poverty.” Christian Science Hymnal

No matter your situation, the very thought that you don’t have enough money is being ungrateful for the money you have. You must begin to think about how the money circulating around you, since you were an infant, has sustained you. When you pay a bill, pay with gratitude for the service that is being rendered you.

Take a dollar bill, attach a sticky note that says, “thank you for all the money I’ve been given throughout my life”. Take this bill out 3 times a day and read your words with true gratitude for the money you have been given. Soon, you won’t know from where or how at times, money will flow into your life. Soon, you will feel such an abundance, it will take your breath away.


Be Wealthy!

Do you want to be rich?  It is your birthright, you know. It is a Universal Law that you should have it all. We must change how we think.

I like Mr. Wattle’s take on this subject. His “Science of Getting Rich” book is masterful. He speaks about being in the creative mind, not the competitive mind. Then, all you do and achieve, benefits and includes others. The #1 thing you must do unceasingly, is to have gratitude.

You are a unique and gifted individual. God doesn’t make any junk. 🙂





I suggest that when we change our stinkin thinkin, which dictates our attitude, all illness, poverty and greed will vanish.

Love Yourself

How much do you love yourself? How much? Find out. Go to your mirror, take a deep breath, look into your eyes and say I am wonderful. I am confident, healthy and satisfied in every way. Say this three times. You will soon believe this if, you don’t now. We create our own reality. Do this exercise twice a day for the rest of your life.

Prosperity Coach Credentials

Have been waiting for this. Now, I am official, YEAH! Happy Dance!
I am celebrating. Want to share with you. Offering a Free half hour consultation with me. Bring your wants, needs and desires. We will celebrate you. You will accomplish something very important for your life.