ALERTS and Updates

This link will take you to information about a new coaching program beginning soon. I just completed this program. It has given me the necessary tools and techniques to make a vast difference in my life and now I have the tools so I can go out and support others on their journey to make our world better.

This is my latest UTube video. Enjoy.

Newly published book and you can find it on Amazon. I am so grateful for these beautiful testimonies that follow: 

“This small, but mighty book will breathe life into your soul, inspiring you to meet life’s challenges with joy and the courage to live your purpose.”

— Dr. Joe Vitale, author “The Attractor Factor”

“Sharon not only lives her life by the principles of abundance, but she treats herself and others with respect, compassion and empathy. Her energy is boundless, her spirit joyous and her support unconditional. She sees you as you are, already abundant in every aspect.

“Live Full Out” is filled with principles that can change ‘your world’ and ‘your tomorrow’, if implemented.

These subtle changes made within, can change the course of our life.

Each one of us have a purpose…and we often feel lost and wait until someone tells us what it is, or convinces us that our purpose is indeed X. Stop wasting your time – give your life a purpose and start living it.  Read “Live Full Out”.

Andrea Hale

Inventive Solutions for Untraditional Results

Marketing and Business Consulting

“To ‘Live Full Out‘ means, don’t back up in the curves.  Green lights and straight ahead.  Sharon Brown serves up valuable insight to help keep you on track as you fast forward to the fulfilling of your heart’s desire.  Take your time reading this book.  Think about what you have read and let it soak in.”  ~ Larry James,, author of “How to Really Love the One You’re With”

If you want to perform at higher levels of consciousness, engagement and productivity, read this book. “Live Full Out” challenges you to be all you were meant to be and to do it with passion! ~ Dr. Catherine Ponder, author and minister of The Unity Church in Palm Desert, Ca.

Live_Full_Out (1)t

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