Live Your Life Today Like There Is No Tomorrow!

Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire. Arnold Glascow

That’s my job, if you are serious about having abundance. To set you on fire! Well, I can give you the tools and processes, but it is really up to YOU! The first step is to change your thinking. Think like a Millionaire! How does a millionaire think? They think about achieving things that have not yet appeared in their life. They see them as already here. They see the wallet as full. They are grateful for all the twists and turns that will eventually bring them to prosperity. No, they do not concentrate on what is lacking instead they see what they want as being in front of them. They think about these things they want in their life as though they are here and they live it as though they are already a part of their life. A suggestion for you is to begin cutting out and collecting pictures of what you want in your life, so you can look at them and put yourself in your pictures.

Everything that comes into physical reality is first is actually floating all around you, but not yet solid enough to be seen. So be careful because you want to keep your thoughts positive, otherwise, you may end up creating an elephant; something you don’t want.

If you like this dialogue, I will continue to coach you toward your accomplished hopes and dreams. See you next week.

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