Dreams Do Come True

Once I became clear what I really wanted, I followed these steps and they work! So, want to share them with you.

1. Dream it….Everything begins with your thoughts and feelings. Take some time…what if… You may need to reach back in time to rekindle a dream you had and moved on, as life got in the way.

2. Believe it….Think only thoughts that nourish your dream!.

3. See it….The “Greats” have always seen the end result in their mind and played it again and again, like it was already accomplished.

4. Tell it….When we talk about our dream, it makes it more real and it holds us accountable.

5. Plan it…Break your dream down into bite sized pieces and set a finish date.

6. Work it….Each day, do something to move a step closer to accomplish your dream.

7. Enjoy it ….Celebrate small successes along the way. When you achieve your dream, Celebrate Big!

Be a model for others to achieve their dreams. Now, set a new dream in motion. Have Fun!

Contact me to support you on your journey. May all your dreams come true, Sharon


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